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Origin Story

We started Greenwood Seneca on the tail of the murders of Ahmad Aubrey and George Floyd.  We built and continue to evolve Greenwood Seneca to show up in the present for Black people while simultaneously holding the past front and center.


And it's hard - it's hard to hold our Blackness when it's constantly being challenged, beaten and murdered. It's hard to keep focus on the wholeness of our ancestors old and new, their lives and beings when their deaths are so brutally imprinted on our bodies and minds. But this is what we choose - every day.


We choose to honor the fullness of who we are as a family, as a community and as a people and use love as a core value of our businesses and philanthropy to move our assignments forward. 


We are working to be good ancestors. We want it to matter that we were here and those who got us here aren't forgotten in the process.

Taurean & Tammy
Our brand, our story, our legacy is inherently and directly connected to theirs.


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