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Your Legacy Tours

Greenwood Seneca Foundation Inc is a 501c3 organization making all donations tax deductible.

Our first initiative YOUR LEGACY TOURS launched in the summer of 2023.

Your partnership, belief and donation will help create a roadmap for how we continue to thoughtfully engage Black people in their history. 

Upcoming Events

Black and White Library


Community Conversation

Feb 23, 2023

Nashville, TN

On Thursday Feb 23rd from 6-8PM at Fisk University, we are hosting a community discussion about why it is important for Black people to reconnect with our history surviving enslavement in ways that bring joy and honor to who we are.

Anyone who attends the community discussion will receive a special invitation to Your Legacy Tours launching this August at Belle Meade Historic Site.

Come join us for spoken word, panel discussion, community Q&A, music & giveaways!

The event is FREE.


Your Legacy Tours

Traveller's Rest Historic Site

July 25, 2023

Nashville, TN

Greenwood Seneca would like to invite you to experience Your Legacy Tours at Travellers Rest Historic Site. This is an invite only curated with a focus on the Black visitor experience. 

You will have the opportunity to visit the site without interruption of other visitors. Your Legacy Tours will run after hours during a limited calendar this year.

We hope this experience will:

  1. Bring light to history you didn’t know, 

  2. Encourage you to reclaim narratives of power, 

  3. Release slavery to the enslavers,

  4. Allow us all to reimagine the possibilities of our community from a place of honor and

  5. Continue to reconnect to historic sites of Blackness. 


Your Legacy Tours


Are you a historic site or a group interested in visiting a specific site in a curated way?


Let Greenwood Seneca's team curate an experience for you or your Black visitors and amplify the stories curated about Black history at that site.


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Your Legacy Tours is proud to partner with KinFolk Tech to bring tech enabled virtual reality experiences to each tour site

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