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Greenwood Seneca



Who we are

The shared goal across all of Greenwood Seneca’s businesses is to support businesses, sites and places of history in preservation of the Black story.

  • Del Richardson and Associates prepares communities for the infrastructure enhancements needed to create ecosystems of excellence and sustainability. The root of our mission is to help communities not just survive, but thrive and excel through infrastructure change.

  • The Brick TV is a streaming service that features culturally responsive content from the voices of those communities.

  • The Greenwood Seneca Foundation mission is to help sites of Blackness reconnect Black people to joy and honor in their history. ​


Across industries

Greenwood Seneca is the parent company to

Del Richardson & Associates & The Brick Media Group

Please visit our sites to learn more about the extensions of our services.


Del Richardson & Associates

Real Estate

Right of Way


and so much more...

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The Brick Media Group

Streaming Platform

and full media services available  

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