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Greenwood Seneca


Reshaping the Future of Sustainable Communities


Build. Revise. Reclaim.

We're dedicated to empowering communities facing the challenges and opportunities of large infrastructure changes. We collaborate closely with these communities to ensure that infrastructure projects lead to sustainable growth, enhanced community resilience, and equitable opportunities for all. Our mission is to harness our comprehensive suite of services to not only navigate the complexities of development but to also foster an environment where communities can thrive in the face of change, ensuring that every project we undertake is a step towards a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Our Focus Areas

We bring our expertise to prepare communities for large infrastructure change.


Greenwood Seneca and its partners excels in transforming real estate opportunities into community assets through comprehensive development and management services. Specializing in affordable housing programs, right-of-way acquisitions, and community-driven projects, we ensure every development not only meets but enhances community standards. Our approach integrates wrap-around services with significant community outreach and small business support, fostering economic growth and sustainability within the communities we serve.


At Greenwood Seneca, we harness the power of storytelling through our Media & Production Services to create impactful narratives that resonate with diverse audiences. Our expertise spans marketing content, public affairs communication, and educational materials, all produced with cutting-edge technology and creative excellence. We're committed to delivering compelling visual and narrative content that aligns with our clients' strategic objectives, ensuring their stories are not just told but felt and remembered.


Dedicated to fostering lifelong learning and cultural preservation, Greenwood Seneca's Education initiatives aim to empower communities with knowledge and resources. Our programs focus on enriching educational opportunities, preserving cultural and environmental heritage, and inspiring individuals to engage in meaningful community participation. Through a commitment to education and preservation, we strive to build a more informed, sustainable, and cohesive society.


We Plan, We Build,
We Deliver

Greenwood Seneca offers a diverse portfolio of services designed to empower communities, businesses, and individuals. Our solutions span across Real Estate & Development, Workforce Development, Business Solutions, Media & Production, Marketing, Public Affairs, and Education & Preservation, each tailored to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of our clients.

What We Provide 


Real Estate & Development Services

We provide comprehensive real estate solutions, including affordable housing programs, right-of-way acquisitions, and community outreach, aimed at fostering sustainable community growth and development.


Business Solutions

We deliver strategic insight and operational support to help businesses navigate market complexities and achieve sustainable growth.


Media & Production

From compelling marketing content to impactful public affairs communications, our media services tell stories that resonate, leveraging cutting-edge technology and creative excellence.


Education and Preservation 

Our initiatives aim to enrich communities through educational opportunities and the preservation of cultural and environmental heritage, inspiring engagement and lifelong learning.


Workforce Development

Our programs are designed to enhance the skills and employability of individuals, connecting talent with opportunity and supporting a dynamic workforce ready to meet the demands of the modern economy.



We craft data-driven marketing strategies that build powerful brand experiences, ensuring messages reach and engage the intended audience effectively.


Public Affairs

Specializing in policy crafting, stakeholder management, and advocacy, our public affairs services ensure your voice is influential in critical conversations.

Latest Projects


Hawaii Redevelopment


Intuit Dome


Jordan Downs Redevelopment


High Speed Rail


LA World Airport 


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