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Real Estate Services

Seneca Services

Standing on 40 years of right of way, relocation, and real estate experience - we develop innovative, sustainable solutions to answer our client's most complicated challenges.

Our goal is to help communities sustain and thrive through large infrastructure changes

What We Do


Project Design

At Greenwood Seneca, our project design approach blends anthropology with community empowerment. We collaborate closely with communities to create infrastructure enhancements fostering excellence and sustainability. Our designs reflect cultural sensitivity and community aspirations, ensuring projects thrive and honor community heritage.


Construction Management

Greenwood Seneca excels in comprehensive construction management services supporting Black businesses and historical sites. With a commitment to excellence, we oversee every project aspect, ensuring timely completion, budget adherence, and top-notch quality. Our approach integrates local stakeholder input, delivering projects aligned with community needs.


Site Evaluation

Our site evaluation services uncover the cultural and historical significance of locations within the Black community. Through meticulous research, we identify hidden stories and assess each site's potential. By understanding their unique context, we help preserve and honor heritage for future generations.


Engineering Consulting & Right of Way

Greenwood Seneca's engineering and right-of-way services prioritize equity and inclusion while supporting infrastructure development. We navigate complex regulatory requirements, respecting community rights and interests. Our approach creates empowering spaces that honor history and legacy.


Cost Modeling

Greenwood Seneca provides accurate cost modeling essential for successful infrastructure projects. Utilizing cutting-edge techniques, we develop transparent and reliable cost estimates. Our models empower clients to make informed decisions, maximizing investment value.


Construction & Relocation

Greenwood Seneca offers expert construction and relocation services tailored to the community's unique needs. From project planning to post-construction support, we manage every aspect with precision. Our dedication to quality and cultural sensitivity ensures projects honor heritage while meeting top standards.

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