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Greenwood Seneca Foundation

What is Greenwood Seneca Foundation?

The Greenwood Seneca Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by a husband and wife team and owners of Greenwood Seneca LLC.
The mission of the Greenwood Seneca Foundation is reconnect Black people to joy and honor in their history. 


Theory of Change

We view the pursuit of history not just as an educational practice but an overall portal to shifting the internal narrative of how Black people see themselves, their journey, the wealth of liberation and freedom of choice.


We see Black people’s relationship to their history as the vehicle to achieve Black liberation.  To thrive, people need a relationship with freedom that is joyful and honors their past.  Black people and their ancestors have been critical to this country’s prosperity; however, the impact of systemic inequities have continued to create barriers for Black people to connect with a history that is empowering, joyful and honors the power in their lineage. 


We believe that if we shift our relationship with past and false narratives of our ability, creativity, wealth ceilings and access to freedom—we will create a generation of Black people who will expand their visions and change the trajectory of possibilities for the Black community.

Our Programs

We are a platform for Black stories.




Your Legacy Tours

It is a custom and curated  experience for the Black visitor that centers their Blackness, cultural practices, community, ancestral connection and artifacts. 

HBCU Scholarships

Starting with Morehouse, GSF supports scholarships to seniors with account fees that may prevent them from graduating.


Through workforce development or worldschooling we support reimagining Black communities path to wealth & education

Our Team

Three generations with a shared mission - bring joy and honor into our experience of history, always. 


Tamyra Gordon



Legacy Keeper


Kym Hunt

Board Chair

csa team.jpg

Diana Sobb

Event Producer


Taurean Gordon

Secretary & Treasurer

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